What Our Clients Say


“Dear Catherine,

I am on a rare visit to Brighton today, (having coffee as I write!) I popped into Healy’s just to say hello to you but I hear you have moved onto pastures new.

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I think of you often as you changed my life and I thank you enormously. Can you believe I’ve been separated for 6 1/2 years.

All the best in your new job, you’re fab!

Best wishes”


“Catherine and Sasha very pleased with the service and how you’ve handled my case. I would highly recommend you.”


“Thank you for being so clever and supportive/understanding through such a difficult time for myself and children”


“Thank you so much Catherine, you have been amazing. A true life saver. I’d have sunk without a trace, without your help. Sincere thanks”


“Dear Catherine and team,

Despite being in a middle of an extremely difficult case I had to put pen to paper and write to you to thank you for your patience, understanding, calmness when I am literally freaking out, your straight talking honesty but most importantly your knowledge and expertise with getting my case to trial with I am sure a very positive result.I must also say this case has been going on for months and I feel like you have been by my side every step of the way.

When I write to you, at all hours I hasten to add, you are always quick to respond, nothing is ever too much and I feel fully supported.  I have almost moved into your offices given the time I spend there but you have made a truly unbearable situation bearable to which I cannot thank you enough. With you and your brilliant team behind me I have confidence going into court. Thank you for everything”

Client Survey

“Davina as always was extremely professional & Wendy as ever helpful.
Extremely satisfied.”


“I was extremely fortunate to make a phone call to Catherine Taylor when I needed a lawyer to help me through an extremely acrimonious separation.  I had found someone who completely understood the situation and was able to read and predict every delay and procrastination that I would experience from my angry ex-partner in the dissolution and moving on process.  Without Catherine’s level of perspicacity and experience I would not have been able to successfully navigate my way through this unfortunate stage in my life.  There were times when I was so near giving up on everything but I had the support I needed to keep me going forward. 

Catherine was able to advise me on what the law could and could not do, of course, for anyone going to court it is a difficult and challenging experience because for the lay person it is not the speedy and incisive process that as a client you are hoping for.  Nevertheless, I felt supported and able to continue fighting for my children even at the worst of times because of Catherine’s understanding and empathy.  Thank you for being there at such a time, it has been quite a ride for all concerned”


“Catherine was appointed on to my particular case at her previous firm as my original lawyer had retired. My case went to Court in May 2016 and I agreed to settle at that time but, there was one final commitment ordered by the Court with payment due in January 2018. With the January 2018 date looming, I had hoped to sort matters out without legal intervention however, this was not to be the case and therefore Catherine was duly appointed to respond to the ‘other side’ and their demands.

As I had expected, the situation became increasingly protracted by the aforementioned ‘other side’ and the usual stalling tactics deployed by them in an attempt to delay and challenge the commitment as ordered by the Court a couple of years previously.

Having taken on the case at this very last stage Catherine’s experience, maturity and professionalism held that she was able, eventually, to conclude matters without getting embroiled in the silly demands as were being put to us – it was a very simple cut and dry matter which did not need to be challenged for nothing more than wasting our time and costs.

Her approach is one of no nonsense and she is a seasoned professional when it comes to dealing with tricky customers. She was of much reassurance to me during this time and more importantly she was fully understanding of the frustrations that inevitably arise particularly when matters have already been settled. My dealings with Catherine needed not to have become legal but unfortunately this was beyond both of our control. 

I am very fortunate for the service that I received and more so as I think we can conclude that by the end of the shenanigans [which were unnecessarily extended to the end of March] that we came out on top and the other side having to retreat licking their wounds – thank you Team Catherine! “


“It was nice to meet you and speak to you in person today. We were both delighted that you were so caring and sensitive towards Michael.

Thank you for copying us in on the letter. We really look forward to an early conclusion in order to move Michael to a safer environment.”


“Personal & intuitive service was received from Mel. Thank you so much for all your help with the purchase of my house.”

Client Survey

How satisfied were you with the overall service received?
“Davina always found time to speak to us with any little questions nothing was too much trouble”

Are you happy to recommend Butter David Grey LLP?
“Will be recommending to everyone we know.”

What could we do to improve the service you received from us?
‘Nothing it was perfect.“

Overall, can you comment on the service you received?
“Very professional & friendly. Didn’t feel made to be stupid because we didn’t understand things. Took time to explain anything we were worrying over.“



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